24th Congressional Delegates

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I am sincerely thankful for all those who took the time to vote for me and my Team 

(Edith Owens, Linda Joseph, Ketha Otis, and Jaques Despinose). We won among a field of 20 candidates. Due to the COVID19, it was a new and difficult process to cast ballots. Change sometimes is hard to accept. Our responsibility now is to do our best to help the Joe Biden Presidential Campaign do their job in the November election. Thank you once again!

Ps. I will be on the August Miami-Dade County Ballot as a District Leader for the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC-6)!   It's a new political position within the Democratic Party.

To register to vote click here: www.miamidadedems.org

Florida has 248 total delegates. The bulk of our delegation will be District-Level Delegates elected at the Congressional District Caucuses. Florida has 143 District-Level Delegates and 13 District-Level Alternates. Each Congressional district is allocated a limited amount of District-Level Delegates to send to National Convention. You can find the allocation for your Congressional district here

These are your elected Delegates for the 24th Congressional District of the United States Government


Ketha Otis

Linda Joseph

Edith Owens


Jaques Despinosse

Bernard Wh Jennings

As Delegates we will be holding interviews to endorse and support candidates who are running for public offices within our 24th Congressional District.  We will then produce a vetted slate of candidates to help voters with their selections of qualified people to vote in office(s). 

Help us to create 35th City of 

Miami-Dade County

Click here: www.BgBfPac.com

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!